Headlines for Jan. 15, 2022

January 14, 2022
symbols-variants.jpeg(left, we’re mice in a lab run by psychopaths)

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Northern Truthseeker studies mRNA technology
“And honestly, this type of ‘delivery system’ is indeed TOXIC to our bodies, as the biological agents introduced are foreign to our cells and our very DNA…. The sad part being that once this crap gets into the cells there is NO ‘shut off valve’ as the material does indeed force our own cells to mass produce the ‘spike proteins’ that ravage our bodies in a never ending process..”


Singapore, one of the world’s most vaccinated countries against Covid-19, bans unvaccinated from offices


Deborah Tavares Discusses Smart Meters at Oathkeeperss Meeting


Reader- “This is mind blowing.”

Secret service behind Barcelona terror attacks, says ex-cop


Not only were Pfizer’s trials a fraud, but the FDA knowingly approved it, putting millions of people at high risk. This report will show how autopsies reveal that the Covid-19 jabs are in fact killing otherwise healthy people, how there were intentional lethal batches released, and provide an incredible tool showing Pfizer trial fraud and the FDA’s negligence, so that people are armed with some of the most critical data to date in order to fight against this tyranny.


Mark Trozzi MD

 Veteran ICU Nurse Morgan Wallace of North Carolina, packs a lot of truth and good advice into these two minutes, while speaking to her school board on January 4, 2022.


Bishop Williamson
“Minds no longer run on evidence. People’s minds today are gone. They watch soap operas and TV. It’s all emotion, emotion, emotion … People don’t think. They don’t want to think… and guess what? Their education is made today so that they won’t think.”


Illegal migrants continue to flock across the border unimpeded. According to TVA Nouvelles’ sources, about 100 enter Canada every day.

And unlike Canadian citizens returning home, these border crossers are not required to be vaccinated or take a COVID test before they arrive.

They are then transported, housed, and even provided a lawyer (free of charge) while they wait to resolve their ill-defined status — all at the taxpayers’ expense.

jacinda.jpg( NZ PM Jacinda Ardern has pissed some people off, or wrote this herself. Courtesy Jim Stone.)

The facts are damning. All gene-based vaccines, independent of manufacturers, produced the same result in the vaccines. In the organs of these people, in 90% he found clear evidence for autoimmune self attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues. The main ones being the heart, the lung, then other tissues such as liver, etc…these vaccines are killing the young and the old.” – Dr. Bhakdi speaking about the evidence from one of Europe’s most experienced pathologists, Dr. Burkhardt. –
 Martin Armstrong: Why Schwab’s Great Reset May End in Tears



After Working To Subvert White Christian Nations, Jews Now ‘Worried’ About Their Future Among An Atheist Mixed-Race Multitude – Christians for Truth


URGENT: Lavrov – “Russia’s Patience with the West has come to an end . . .” MFA: “World Faces IRREVERSIBLE Consequences”


rodriguez.jpgBiological Male Steals Yet Another Award From Women With ‘Best Actress’ at Golden Globes

Biological male Michaela Jaé “Mj” Rodriguez won “Best Actress” at the 79th annual Golden Globes this week, proving trannies are the new women. Gender dysphoria is the solution to overpopulation and climate change.


Iran sanctions more U.S. officials for assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani – UPI.com

Looks like the long awaited revenge for Soleimani’ s murder may be at hand, Milley, Pomoeo and of course Trump’ s fat orange traitor ass.


Jan. 6 Defendant Says FBI Tried to Recruit Him to Spy on Oath Keepers
Jeremy Brown says his refusal led to 2021 arrest for being at U.S. Capitol on day of violence


California closes Christian pre-school and bans its director from EVER working with children again after she was unable to get kids aged two to keep masks on in class


covid-coleman.jpgAnd keep in mind that VAERS only receives, at most, 10% of the cases. Think about that when you’re looking at these numbers.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died from the bogus mRNA gene altering injection.

What’s happening to so many men; It’s cardiac arrest. Not a “heart attack”. Your heart just stops & you pass out, dead. No pain or even enough time to realize what’s happening. Like when the nurse turns on your anesthesia IV. Boom. You’re out.

The MSM has censored the over 100 Euro Pro soccer players who’ve collapsed from cardiac arrest. Some survived because there were defibrillators on hand. But the damage was done & if they survived, their soccer careers were OVER. Young, extremely fit men.

Makowism–   Apart from trusting the MSM and education system, my greatest regret in life is NOT believing in myself. Everything is geared to making you feel worthless, and that all truth comes from others.  “If you take your cues from society (as I did) you will become dysfunctional or insane.” Humanity is Satanically Possessed

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