June 28 – None Dare Call it Conspiracy… Except Klaws Swab

June 26, 2022

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Ezra Levant — Klaws Swab boasts of controlling Fidelito and more than half of his cabinet
But Canadians who want a government that represents them (and not satanist Jewish central bankers who are stealing their children’s birthright,) are called “conspiracy theorists.”

PHOTOS: Christian Pregnancy Center in Colorado Set on Fire After Roe v. Wade Decision


Dr. Malone- Covid Vaccines are dangerous to your health

Noam Chomsky

Western media has to suppress the truth about Ukrainian War—-NATO is the real aggressor



Zelensky Bans Opposition Political Parties


Vaccine trafficker, 36, dies in her sleep


John Shipton said Julian Assange was stripped naked and put in an empty cell to prevent him from killing himself over the home secretary’s decision to sign his extradition order


Dr. Malone – COVID vaccines are toxic  —


(((US Colleges))) Are Ethnically Cleansing America’s White Kulaks


Elite institutions want to blacklist middle-class white Americans because they are the group most likely to challenge the Jewish ruling class.

Cancer-industry killer

We live in a world where so many chemicals are readily available over countertops at pharmacies and other outlets… One in particular that I have known about for two decades at least is an amazing and yet very cheap and readily available chemical called ‘DICHLOROACETATE’ or ‘DCA’ for short…. Dichloroactate is in fact so cheap to make and is absolutely nontoxic to most human beings, but is DEADLY to Cancer cells in fact!

Stephen Lendman — Kill Shots Working As Planned Updated

Through June 17, CDC VAERS data reported 1,307,928 casualties, including over 29,000 deaths from kill shots.


Reported numbers represent a small fraction of the true casualty count.

Everyone jabbed for flu/covid is irreparably harmed, the more jabs gotten, the greater the destruction of health.

The only “pandemic” around exists among jabbed individuals.

51KfcX0qNoL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_-134251457.jpgThe Red Fog Over America” by William Guy Carr (1973)


The Commie Masonic Jewish conspiracy has been perking for a long time.

The Ann Frank scam


Annirfan is here!  https://aanirfan.blogspot.com/

Covidiots-The Movie


Chris Pirnak
A pro-vaxx doctor is reaping what he sowed


Chris Pirnak-

 America, Britain, Russia, and China; A quick update on the timeline to WWIII


 The Western elites use degenerate Freemasons like Alex Jones to lead you astray with disingenuous arguments and flawed logic to support our existential enemy.

War is coming and the elites want you to die. Keep listening to AJ and Mike Adams. A couple of disingenuous “clickbait queens.”

(and many Jews reciprocate)

In my lifespan, sodomy has gone from a social anathema to social imperative  — Makow

Paul Joseph Watson  — Hoes Holler

American women who can’t murder a child in a state they live in are throwing a fit

 Tracy Purbrick on a website dedicated to adverse reactions suffered by medical professionals —14 hrs ago

Hi All, I’m looking for hope. I’ve had 3 jabs, but my symptoms started immediately after a flight back from holiday 12 weeks ago. Both my husband and I got bad diarrhoea. Then the fasciculations started and tinnitus. I wasn’t so aware of the fasciculations at first, just realised they had already started then in retrospect, because I scratched my legs really badly for no known reason that first day back.


Up to 40,000 Army National Guard troops – 13% of the force – still haven’t been inoculated against COVID and may lose their jobs as Thursday vaccination deadline looms



Canadian Health honcho Theresa Tam get his payment for covid scam


—-court-race-bias.jpgHow do you see this and still say there is no racial bias in the court system? Nb4 I get the response “different states/ laws/ circumstances” there are dozens of similar disparities nationwide.

New Evidence Implicates CIA, LAPD, FBI and Mafia as Plotters in Elaborate “Hit” Plan to Prevent RFK From Ever Reaching White House
Yet even after over 50 years, high government officials like Vice President Kamala Harris are still trying to cover up the truth about his murder.


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